The Congo-Japan Complex designed by Hironori Matsubara lab. in Keio University received the Prize of Good Design Award 2013 and Good Design Best 100 authorized by Japan Institute of Design Promotion. The Good Design Exhibition will be held in Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi from 30th of Oct. till 4th of Nov. Please visit.


Our proposal won a prize in Design competition of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line station. You can look the winning proposals from here. Have a look, please.


Recently our project, "BMW 4S Dealership Pilot Implementation Project - Beijing" and "BIC Wholesale Store in Shanghai" have been published on"Master' Interior Design4: Exhibition Space".
Please have a look.


Doctoral dissertation "Recoginition about China in Japanese architecture world –structure in the media about architecture-"which Hironori Matsubara wrote it in 2011 and submitted to the University of Tokyo won the 20th Maeda Engineering Prize in 2013.

This prize commends the one superior doctoral dissertation in architecture and civil engineering field in every year by Maedda Engineering Foundation. Press release has be done on April 9th and the ceremony and a prize winner lecture will be held in Tokyo University Ito international arts and sciences center on June 14th. This doctoral dissertation is published as a book with the title " Mizou no Taikoku - Recoginition about China in Japanese architecture media world" from Kajima Institute Publishing in 2012.


Hironori Matsubara, Yoko Hasebe and Akira Suzuki received the Prize of Science and Technology (Public Understanding Promotion) by the Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2013.

This Commendation prize plans improvement of the will of a person engaged in a technology by Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology prasing the achievement about the person who gained remarkable result in research and public understanding promotion about technology. The purpose of this prize is to contribute to the improvement of technology standard of our country. Press release has be done on April 8th and a commendation ceremony will be held in Minisrty of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on April 16th. You can look a list of prize winners from here .


Hironori Matsubara 's interview about our works(BMW4S,Yhouse, and Congo Acadex) has been published on "NEW HOUSE"(No.47).Please have a look.


The project "Sake MANZO" has been published on 「Interior World」 (vol.114, ARCHIWORLD). Please have a look.


The project "Y house" has been published on 「别墅 VILLA」(Jan, 2013). Please have a look.


Our project "Hexagonal Park" has been published on "RED BOOK OF LANDSCAPE Ⅱ(January 2013)"Please have a look.


Our project "Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural and Popular Music Center" and " Hexagonal Park "are published on "Creative diagram in architecture" and "Creative diagram in Landscape&Planning".Please have a look.

The book review of Hironori Matsubara's work,「Mizou no Taikoku (MULTI FIGURED BIG POWER - Cognition of China in Japanese Architecture Media -)」appeared in "Nikkei Architecture" of July 25th.There is his interview talking about how we can relate to China in architecture field. Please take a look.


Hironori Matsubara's new work,「Mizou no Taikoku (MULTI FIGURED BIG POWER - Cognition of China in Japanese Architecture Media -)」 was published on Sankei newspaper dated July 22th. The reviewer is Yasumitsu Matsunaga in Modern architecture Laboratory. Please look it from here.


Hironori Matsubara's new work,「Mizou no Taikoku」was published by KAJIMA INSTITUTE PUBLISHING, at 16th May. It contains the interview to 10 specialists (Mamoru Kawaguchi, Takehumi Aida, Toshio Ojima, Kazutoshi Katayama, Mitsuru Senda, Riken Yamamoto, Masaru Ohno, Shin Muramatu, Shigeo Asakawa, Subin Xu).The first edition's are only 1500 copies. Please take a look.


The project "SakeMANZO" has been published by on "INTERIOR DESIGN CHINA" (May. 2012,) and "SPACE" (May. 2012,). Please have a look.


Hironori Matsubara was awarded with the Prize of the Architectural Institute of Japan for Education with Prof. HASEBE Yoko and MR.SUZUKI Akira. It was for their works named "Architectural Education Program Incorporates Practical Training in Design, Construction and Management through International Cooperation with Developing Countries ―DR Congo ACADEX Primary School project―".
"The Prize of the AIJ for Education" is awarded for excellent achievements (4 works per year) concerning architectural education which have contributed to the advancement of itself. The prize ceremony will be hold in the general assembly on 30th May.


Our Project "Sake MANZO"(2011) is published on architecture website, ArchDairy, e-architect, ANP. Please visit there.


The project "Y-house" was published on "Case Study of REMODELING"(ISBN:978-89-91111-78-3) by Korean architecture publishing, DAMDI, at September 2011. It is shown with a lot of pictures, drawings and detail sketches on colour 26 pages. Have a look please.


Hironori Matsubara's interview by has been uploaded on He talks about his career, his design process and its differences between Japanese and Chinese, with mention of our latest project "Sake MANZO"and some others. Have a look, please.


On 11th Oct 2011, at Beijing Media Center, 「'2010最建筑」awards was organized by and our work "Y-house" won the prize. This awards give 23 prizes to the architecture, idea and interior projects, and "Y-house" won " the most interesting architecute".


Hironori Matsubara's interview and our works are published on Chinese architecture magazine KW(issue/47), for the article"Japanese designers in China".With Keiichiro Sako, Yasumichi Morita, Shiro Sugane, he talks about how we Japanese work in China. Have a look.


On 20th and21st, "Architect's Houses 2011" will be held in Gifu pref. This exhibition was aimed to show how to design house with an architect. And we will display the Higashigokencho project by Matsubara lab at Keio univ, and other 3 projects with some architects like Akihisa Hirata, Shinichi Takeuchi. Come and see it, please.

Architects' Houses 2011 /
date: 20 - 21th August 2011
place:Ceramics Park MINO
sponsor: Masayuki Takayama (Architect/President and CEO of Ground Design Co,.Ltd.)


“ART and ARCHTECTURE REVIEW” edited by Ryuji Fujimura has published the interview of Matsubara, titiled “Among Capitalism, Regionalism and Sinocentrism” in its July 2011 issue’s feature article : “Asian global city –vol.1 Beijing-“. He talks about his strategy and identity in the context of the recent trend of architecture. Please take a look.


THE JAPAN ARCHITECT(JA) has introduced Matsubara's proposal "Reopening the City" in its 82nd issue, titiled "Toward a New Cityscape -50 Projects by Young Architects-". Please take a look.


Architecture website, "Archello" has introduced our works, Y house, Sanlitun VILLAGE North Area East, Royal Tea Barn, ACADEX Elementary School. Please take a look.