This is the second largest bookshop in Beijing, flagship of the Beijing city Xinhua Bookshop. 4 stories large sales space are characterized by the custom-made furniture, called í░great wall furnitureí▒. This multi-functional furniture is used as the bench, shelves, and wall. They are different forms and colors for each floor, like square plan with orange color in the 2nd floor, curved plan with green color in the 3rd floor, and bending line plan with red color in the 4th floor. The rest of the ordinary bookshelves are 1.5m height and white color not to attract attention. Cement board louver ceiling, painted floor with no joint and stainless mirror surface column, these details contribute to let only furniture be outstanding.

Project name:
Xinhua Bookstore Zhongguancun Book Building
Beijing Matsubara and Architects
Hironori MATSUBARA, Shuyan WANG
Haidianqiao, Beijing, China
Total floor area:
8820.8 sq.m.
Design period:
Jan, 2003- Jun, 2003
Completion period:
Oct, 2003
IDEALSUN Design & Construction CO., LTD
Beijing Xinhua Booksshop
Yang CAO