This is the 65 square meters small Japanese restaurant located in the center of Beijing. The partition with a hall stands right by the entrance and creates a small court yard. A counter that sticks out from the hall of the wall brings out the interior atmosphere to the exterior. In order to realize the spatial depth, architect adopted the idea of layered space. Glass fa?ade separates the interior and exterior spaces connecting the sight from the outside. Then the plywood-laminated partition is installed in parallel. The hole of this partition conveys an atmosphere to the street. The dining hall of the restaurant is the one-room space. This could be divided by the hanged wooden louvers in each table. When the all louvers are pulled down, the idea of layered space is clearer. The counter, tables and chairs are all made out of laminated plywood. The surface of the gypsum wall is stripe-molded with mortar. These details emphasize the idea of layering.

Project name:
Manzo Bar
Beijing Matsubara and Architects
Hironori MATSUBARA, Tingting ZHANG
Panjia park, Beijing, China
Total floor area:
65 sq.m.
Design period:
Mar, 2005 C Mar, 2005
Completion period:
Aug, 2005
Qiyun LI
Yang CAO, Zhengning FANG