This is a competition entry for a gallery town in the suburbs of Beijing, comprising a group of ateliers and residences, comprising a group of ateliers and residences. Located along a main road, with a buffer zone and a green belt on both sides of the road, the factory is arrayed at a low density on 15000m2 site. The program was to design a 500m3 – building containing about 200 units. 7m x 7m x 10m – boxes with porous exterior walls and diamond-shaped windows are made using sloping stacks of Beijing’s Traditional grey bricks. Triple-height spaces are contained inside the boxes. With parts built two-stories high, some boxes also have rooftop gardens enclosed by the exterior walls. It is possible to combine the boxes in parallel or in a staggered arrangement, and the interior spaces can be connected freely. Through this building layout, we have tried to make a variety of exterior spaces enclosed by the buildings.

Project name:
GBD Project
BMA Beijing Matsubara and Architects
Hironori Matsubara, Norio Katsuta
Beijing, China
Site area:
Building area:
50 sq.m.
Total floor area:
125 sq.m.
RC + Brick
Design period:
March, 2007
Beijing Sixiangshou culture co., ltd.