BPDC Hotel
This is a hotel locating in the southeast suburb of Beijing. This is the attached institution of the publications logistic center that is invested by Beijing Publications Distribution Group (BPDG). This project is one of the great construction works of the city of Beijing under the Olympic game 2008. The whole logistic center will be improved as the China’s largest trading market for publications, and the hotel will accommodate the buyers who will come from whole china’s bookshops. Hotel’s contents are common. Entrance hall, reception, two restaurants (Western and Chinese), café, multipurpose hall, conference hall, and swimming pool are in the hotel.

Project name:
Hotel, Beijing Publications Distribution Center
Beijing Matsubara and Architects
Hironori Matsubara, Xu Hui, Norio Katsuta
Taihu, Beijing, China
Site area:
about 110,000O
Building area:
Total floor area:
RC + brick masonry
Design period:
Mar. 2006- Nov. 2006
Construction period:
Sep. 2006- Mar. 2007
Completion period:
September, 2007
Beijing Zhuzong Group
Beijing Publications and Distribution Group co,ltd.
Photographer: BMA