Gallery MA "REALIZE" Exhibition
Gallery MA REALIZE Exhibition design description This is a design for our architectural exhibition held in Gallery MA, located in Tokyo, from December 5th, 2007 to February 23rd, 2008. Gallery MA is one of the representative gallery of Tokyo specialized in Architectural exhibitions. Although the size of the room is very small, it is internationally well-known to have four exhibitions a year and receive many attentions from all over the world. We are invited to have exhibition with Keichiro Sako (SAKO Architects) who also manages an architectural office in Beijing. Inside of the 70 square meter interior space, 8 models and presentation panels of our past interior and architectural projects were exhibited. In the courtyard, the interviews from Beijing civilians who are going to have Beijing Olympics were viewed on the monitor table that we have designed. Paragraphs written below are Matsubaras design description for this exhibition. Since I have started working in China, I began to think that I want to make places that are unchanging, unmoving, and will always be the same each time I go there. Living in Beijing where the city has being changing rapidly, and feeling the slight aspiration toward its vigorous changes, I felt some kinds of anxiety for it. This speedy change can affect to threaten not only users but also architectural builders and designers. This makes me think of my standing points as an architect everyday. As a designer, I think that when making architecture, at the very minimum we can provide no more than something unchanging, which provides safety to the people using it. Notwithstanding the ways it might be used, the thing that remains should be fixed as appropriate to the place C isnt that the potential of architecture? Adjusting the degree of fixity of things is itself the act of design. We will bring our architecture and interior design that we settled in China, and introduce them during the 2 months of the exhibition period in Japan. (Hironori MATSUBARA).

Project name:
Gallery MA REALIZE Exhibition
BMA Beijing Matsubara and Architects
Gallery MA, 1-24-3 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Total floor area:
70 sq. m.
Design period:
April-Dec, 2007
Completion period:
Dec, 2007
Mitsumasa FUJITSUKA, Nacasa and Partners