Majuqiao Housing

This project is the schematic design for the research development office building, located in the undeveloped logistic base of the suburban Beijing. How can these office buildings are linked to the surrounding environment in this unexploited suburban site? Of course, undeveloped surrounding site will cause much inconveniency for this site. However, because this place is not developed, there is a great nature to be enjoyed on this site. The challenge is to pool out the potential characteristics of natural environment on this site.
This project has 3 significant features.

1.“Semi open” architectural plan
There are 4 buildings with all enclosed shape of plans in the site. Those 4 shapes are not completely closed and a part of their plans are opened to the center of the site. When people stand on the center of the site, they can see the corners of 4 buildings in pentagonal relation to each other. People can feel the depth of the space standing in the site from this master plan.

2.“Thin” building
The buildings are formed with 12 m thick, thin volumes. The entire dowelling units are designed to be facing toward the South, and 2 types of vertical circulative cores are placed. Because the form of dwelling unites are very thin, the small windows on the public hallways are installed to provide better interior ventilation.

3.The exterior elevation using “regularity” and “irregularity”
Designing the housing complex is to employ the repetition of the identical elements. This project is creating the “irregularity of the elevation” by repeating the elements of “the regularity”, such as windows and louvers.

Project name:
Majuqiao Housing
Beijing Matsubara and Architects
Hironori Matsubara, Zhichao LI
Tongzhou, Beijing
Site area:
91161 sq.m.
Building area:
21276 sq.m
Total floor area:
197705 sq.m
Design period:
November, 2007 C March, 2008
Beijing Guorong Real Estate Company