Z hotel

A building like a waterfall, a street like a river
This project has started from the idea of how the hotel building, with the Huang Mountain on the background, can have an abstract look on the exterior wall, by viewing from the highway on the Southwest of the site.
Our idea is to place a waterfall-like building in front of the mountain, and this building is connected to the river-like street. Therefore, we can create the sceneries as if the street continues to the Daixi Lake on the West side of the mountain. The building height is about 60 meters, standing on the hillside, and its exterior walls imitate a stream of waterfall. These exterior walls are linked to the ground on the front garden in front of the building, and continue on to the lakefront just like a river. Viewing from the highway which is far from the mountain, this waterfall suddenly appears on the hillside. It looks as if streaming into the lakefront. With the view of Huang Mountain, the scenery like an “alpine living stream” can be created at this site in the end.
The hotel building is about 60 meters tall, and there will be 15 floors of guest rooms. All the guest rooms can look over the lake very well. The exterior walls are made out of concrete and glass, and they are depicted as a stream of the waterfall. A large hall, a restaurant, conference rooms, recreation rooms, and parking lots will be placed in the podium under the guest rooms. Especially, the large hall with the central stair-like space will become an attractive space. The ground material of the plaza on the West side in front of the hotel has been finished with the tiles in the color close to the exterior walls. This ground becomes a street and connect to the Daixi Lake. During the night, LED lights, installed on the building exterior walls and street, express a stream of water. The present sculptures for the lakefront were replaced on the center of this street, and the surrounding area is redeveloped as a large plaza.
Because the hotel currently exists in a property where the three star hotel stands, this current building will be demolished and the new building will be newly constructed instead. The stream from Huang Mountain hillside on the North side of this project will be restored, and becomes a beautiful garden.

Project name:
Z Hotel
Beijing Matsubara and Architects
Hironori MATSUBARA, Norio KATSUTA, Xiaoli LI
Z city, Shandong province
Total floor area:
38000 sq.m.
Design period:
Aug, 2008 C Oct, 2008
Z City Planning Department