Liuliqiao office

Summary of Project£º
This project's construction site is placed on Ordos, inner Mongolia and it's devided to three part (top, middle, bottom of mountain) by Ordos city government. Then 60 office buildings are aimed there, which following masterplan. 20 Chinese architects and 10 foreign architects who invited got two different sites for each. We got £Ô1(7600©O:flat land) and £Ð1(4400©O:slope land), and design site landscape concept and architecture itself.
Two buildings that we designed for each site were done by simple rectangle, because of regular modules that all the building have to follow. So that we didn't put regular ordered window but put the rhombus shaped lattice mesh which is gradually changed, and we tried to generate various space with that.

Design of Architecture£º
Insight of the site£º
Both site £Ô1 and £Ð1, there are big difference in height, so we try to keep it as possible as we can, except some space around buildings. We aim to link all together with nature, terrain, square and architecture.

Spatial Construction£º
Each building has void space inside of it. And this space cause stack effect and realize sustainable and comfortable indoor environment.

Facade Design£º
Facade wasn't consisted with general rectangle window but rhombus shaped lattice mesh. For £Ô1 facade, the density of lattice is gradually changed along with horizontal direction. And for £Ð1 facade, it's changed from each center of the surface.

Landscape Design£º
The concept of landscape design is to follow the rule as keeping the original terrain of the site, at the same time, to link the architecture and surroundings by making open/private square. So that the each regular rectangle buildings which connected with the irregular polygonal square are surrounded by nature and terrain not touched. By getting the building closer to the surrounding nature, the people who visit there can feel in the nature.


Project name£º
Ordos 20+10
SiteT1,P1 Architecture Design
Beijing Matsubara and Architects
Hironori MATSUBARA, Norio KATSUTA, Zhichao LI, Yun LIU,
Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China
Site Area:
7600sq. m.(T1), 4400sq. m.(P1)
Building Area:
900sq. m. (T1-A), 1289sq. m. (T1-B)
1056sq. m. (P1-A), 915sq. m. (P1-B)
Total Floor Area:
7147sq. m. (T1-A), 8999sq. m. (T1-B)
8089sq. m. (P1-A), 6366sq. m. (P1-B)
Design period:
Feb. 2010 -