Liuliqiao office

í˝Twisted circulation
and swirl-architecture:

In our proposal, Port and Cruise Service Center is the building that whirls and rises up, unites the ground and the sea. The building volumes fit into the site east to west. The low-rise building in the west is Cruise Terminal of three-story, and the high-rise building in the east is Port Service Center of 19-story. In Cruise Terminal, the flow of the people is con?nected on the second floor, and the luggage on the first floor. The circulation of the departure and the arrival are separated distinctively, and they are put together three dimensionally to create the swirl-architecture.

í˝Twisted exterior:
The buildings are covered by the Large Roof uniting the low-rise and the high-rise. The 3D curved surface defined by the 3D trusses is covered by the SUS mesh filters or Teflon membrane. The former can generate the interior space, and the latter generates the open-air space under the roof. The east and west fa?ade of the high-rise building and the roof of low-rise building are covered by Teflon membrane, while North and South fa?ade of the high-rise building are covered by the SUS mesh filters. Even they are different materials roofing to gether, then the Large Roof looks continuous.

í˝High-rise and low-rise:
In the Cruise Terminal of Low-rise building, the departure sequence continues from the 1st floor, then the 3rd and 2nd floor, the arrival squence continues from the 2nd floor to the 1st. Controlled Zone and Non-controlled Zone are separated clearly and put together three-dimensionally in efficient way. In the Port Service Center of high-rise build?ing, from the first floor to the fifth floor are for the spaces other than office, from the sixth floor to the top are for the office use. The Cruise Terminals and the Port Service Center are united at the arrival lobby on the first floor.

Covered by the large twisted roof, Port and Cruise Service Center will be recognized as a landmark from the sea site even its height is only 70 meter. The high-rise building is covered by the SUS mesh filters which won't cut the harbor-view, while soften the sunlight. The view from this building will be distinctive from the other surrounding offices.


Project nameú║
Kaohsiung Port and Cruise
Servise Center
Beijing Matsubara and Architects
Architect: Hironori MATSUBARA, Norio KATSUTA, Liu Yun, Li Zhichao,Kazunori YAMAGUCHI,
Kaohsiung, Taiwan,CHINA
Site area: 24600 sq. m.
Building area: 12030 sq. m.
Total floor area: 65790 sq. m.
Design period: Aug. 2010