í˝Dynamic space with essence of nature - Design Review Project for BMW 4S Dealership

This project had been started as the design consultation for the car showroom since January 2011. BMW have advanced into Chinese market for three years with their standard design which head office in Germany has.
However it doesn’t match with the site that is provided by Chinese dealer, and the showroom gets many idle spaces because of the largeness of the site. So BMW China had looked for the foreign office which knows well about the design for Chinese market, and been in contacted with us.

For corresponding with their concept “Efficient Dynamics” and flexibility of BMW vehicle design, basically we utilized their existing design: liner and grid. At the same time, actively we had tried to adapt “the design of dynamics”, “the design with nature” as new design factor.

For example, at the space of exhibit their branding image, concept and history, we suggest the dynamic changing louvers, walls and ceilings which can show the image of dynamics. At the showroom, we suggest the green partition with tree print, and it half devides office space and showroom where the cars are placed as them on the road. Besides, also suggest the waterfall near the entrance and courtyard as factors of nature. We use a lot of metal mesh fabric, wire and mirrored finished panel. And for avoiding monotonous and chilly impression, they are used repeatedly with slightly change and sensitive treatments.

And the façade which gives first impression of the building is done with alminium louver. That louver façade was consisted with 6 angles, then show the dynamic impression which looks like a series of cloud.

We tried to design each space to express and strengthens BMW brand as background


Project nameú║
Design Review Project for BMW 4S Dealership
Beijing Matsubara and Architects
Norio KATSUTA, Zhichao LI, Yun LIU,
Kazunori YAMAGUCHI, Satoshi YAMADA
Total floor area:
- sq. m.
Design period:
Jan - Jun. 2011
BMW China