í˝Dynamism space formed by minimum elements

Following the success of the conceptual design in"Design Review Project for BMW 4S Dealership"(4SD), in July 2011, BMA was asked to design the interior and exterior of a new dealership in Beijing, with the site area of 12,800 square meters; the building area of 6,600 square meters; total floor area of 30,000 square meters. We are assigned to the customer area of 5,000 square meters. The site is located in a desolate area outside of the south Fifth ring road in Beijing. It is expected that there will be many other dears dealership of other car brands in the same area.

The theme of this project is to express BMW's main concept "Efficient dynamics" in spatial design, which can be interpreted as "to express dynamics of automobile with minimum elements".

The main facade is designed to convey the brand image in the motif of cloud. On the 80-meter-long curtain wall, the aluminum louvers are set up at the angles of various degrees, which gradually change its appearance as visitors approach.

In the showroom called "driving gallery", the liner lightings are integrated on the floor and the ceiling to create a sense of speed like a driving way.

Adjacent to the showroom, there is "Branding space" which is surrounded by the panels of three materials: acrylic, stainless steel mirror and half-mirror, all suspended by the steel cable system. The panels of different transparency and reflectivity not only function as a partition, but also can be used for advertisement. In addition to the grid lighting on the ceiling, they give the space a futuristic atmosphere for exhibiting brand vision.

Next to "Branding space", there is "Car delivery space" where customers receive a car after purchase. The tilted panels are suspended from the ceiling by the same steel cable system as in "Branding space". The reflection of the panels creates a dynamic sense to the space.

The design of "VIP space" is based on the atmospheric blue: BMW's brand color. The blue lights are arranged in parallel with the linear lighting in the showroom to emphasize the direction of the whole interior space.

The theme of this project is "to express dynamics of automobile with minimum elements". In the process, it leads to a conventional yet fundamental problem: "to push the limit of the brand image to maximize the possibility of design": ultimately, it can be paraphrased as" to harmonize the conflicting ideas as 'order and freedom' or 'unity and diversity'". It is an inevitable challenge common to both architectural design and branding strategy.

After constant discussions with the client from the conceptual design phase, we came to share the goal clearly, which was the key to the success of this project. This brand-new Beijing dealership is now considered as the cornerstone of BMW's further development in China.


Project nameú║
BMW 4S Dealership Pilot Implementation Project - Beijing
Beijing Matsubara and Architects
Satoshi YAMADA,
Liqiu Bao,
Chaoyang district, Beijing, China(Tel:010-6436-1608)
Total floor area:
6,616 sq. m.
Design period:
Jul - Nov. 2011
Jun. 2012
Beijing Heyu Real Estate Co.,Ltd (Architecture)/ Dongninglizhi Building Decoration Engineering Co.,Ltd(Interior)
BMW China