í˝Dynamism space formed by minimum elements

This is the third project which follows "Design Review Project for BMW 4S Dealership"(4SD) and "BMW 4S Dealership Pilot Implementation Project - Beijing"(BPI). The site that is located in residential area which is rather northwest than CBD in Shanghai, is the site area of 8,427 square meters; the building area of 4,207 square meters; total floor area of 30,000 square meters. Then BMA were assigned to design interior for the customer area of 5,500 square meters.

To the exterior facade, office space and showroom, we applied the standard design that we designed for BMW 4S dealership store in China by collaboration with BMW China in last two projects. On the other hand, we tried to figure out new background design that strengthen the appearance of their concept "Efficient Dynamics" on each car, and updated the space.

For instance;
For the entrance reception, we designed the 12 meters height waterfall which reaches to the ceiling of second floor. Water down there and its sound let customers who coming in know the existence of water itself as dynamic factor in static space. This waterfall is the new design and stands independently in the void which connects ground floor and second floor.

For the branding space which is located behind the waterfall, we put the expand aluminum mesh panels which has certain direction wholes on ceiling, and put a lots of lightings in different height above it. Also we use metal mesh as partition and use linear blue lighting which is BMW concept color on the top of them, so that this space would be a cool exhibition space. Besides, on the walls of the deepest parts of this space, large screen which is surrounding the car is projected with moving images. That place is the best place for exhibit BMW's new vision, technology and design.

For VIP space, we design the moderate brightness of the lighting because of the characters of this function. Besides, cut each louver with curved line and put in a line like a cloud, then we got the calm space and atmosphere.

For the consultation office space, we put the surface emitting lighting on a grid on ceiling so that this space can keep enough brightness in basement floor, and put the lighting of different height for avoiding unmonotonous of this large space.

The interior space as background which strengthens BMW's concept "Efficient Dynamics" is demanded to their all 4S dealership store. The total design of the store must following their standard designs, at the same time, slightly difference is also demanded for special space, like branding space and VIP space. By using metal mesh and linear lighting for this project in Shanghai, finally we realized updated "background design" which is different from the project in Beijing(BPI).

With thinking phenomenal speed of construction in China, and the difficulty of the construction quality control, we had a hard time with considering how much ratio new design and standard design occupy for each. This project made us reconfirm how to keep the quality of construction, how to correspond with the problems and what we think high priority during construction phase.


Project name:
BMW 5S Dealership Pilot Implementation Project - Shanghai
Beijing Matsubara and Architects
Satoshi YAMADA,
Liqiu BAO
No.571 Ju Jia Qiao Rd Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Total floor area:
5,500sq. m
Design period:
December 2011-February 2012
Construction period:
April 2012-November 2012
December 2012
Shanghaai Tainsong Construction co.,LTD(Architecture)/
Henan Jialing co.,LTD(Interior)
BMW China
Nacasa and Partners(Eiichi Kano)